Another YouTuber Trying to Make money by Bashing China? Is Sinophobia that profitable?

The Anti China crowd always attracts the most interesting of characters. Today we’ll look at a YouTuber trying to ride on the coattails of other famous Anti China YouTubers. The YouTuber is “PrimeInChina” he’s been primarily focusing on making anti-China videos after his return to the States.

After witnessing the anti china success from his fellow English teachers SerpentZa & Laowhy86, PrimeInChina has decided to use the same playbook for marketing himself online, as the “White savior” or the great white hope for The People’s Republic of China. Never mind the fact that the vast majority are happy with their current government or that nearly 760 million rural people have lifted out of poverty in China thanks to Government actions. But I guess some random ex English teacher from the U.S knows whats best for the poor Chinese people.

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  • White savior Mindset: white person who provides help to non-white people in a self-serving manner. For PrimeInChina that would be in the form of ads from YOUTUBE.

Fast forward to China today, The Chinese began to realized that many foreigners working in China are a bunch of Drunk English teachers that couldn’t hack it in the States. Or they were running from the law? Not surprisingly, PrimeInChina made his way out of China after witnessing the White privilege decline.

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