YouTuber Technoblade jokes about his cancer diagnosis

The 22-year-old youtube is now undergoing chemotherapy.

The Minecraft player, who was on a two-month hiatus revealed his cancer diagnosis on YouTube as he called the healthcare provider ‘the real victim’. The 22-year-old told fans about his diagnosis during a video.

“They performed a couple of scans and told me the reason my arm hurts is because I have cancer,” he explained in a video.

“That really couldn’t have gone worse.”

Technoblade revealed the devastating news to his 8.5million subscribers during a video of him playing Minecraft.

“I was actually being really productive in July, I was getting so much work done,” he told his fans.

“I was filling out paperwork, making business moves, working on merchandise, buying new equipment to make new videos because I really wanted to increase the rate at which I was making videos.”

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