Youtubers attacked by Media for reporting positive news on China?

Youtubers Reporting Daily Life in China get attacked by western Media.

Youtubers in China report daily life and economic progress in China, showing the world how a country can look after it gets full control of the covid virus. In most parts of China, business is almost back to pre Corona levels, and people are not needlessly dying in droves as they are in the West.

That type of news doesn’t sit well with the western media establishment, especially if it showcases a none Anglo-Saxon country in a positive light. would have you believe China is a giant jail.

According to Beijing funds British YouTubers to further its propaganda war

More like Western Media upset citizen journalist are showing China in it;s true form. 🤷‍♂️

Who are the YouTubers reporting Positive News about China?

Barrett’s have been living in China for some time now and have been visibly happy about their decision to move to China. They post regular vlogs about life in China and showcase many cities they visit during their many influencer sponsored journeys around China. That is were the problems started for the YouTubers, even though they were open about the travel gigs, those type of jobs that in any other country would be an average gig for an influencer, not in China, at least not for the western Media folks at the Times.

They were Showcasing new tourist attractions and economic improvements, but for western reporters, Ben Ellery, Tom Knowles, the Youtubers were not staying within the anti china narrative.

gatekeepers Ben Ellery, Tom Knowles reported about Youtubers describing life in China, life in china for the YouTubers has mostly been positive. the times reporters find that to be nonacceptable.

YouTubers react to attack peace.

Another Youtuber named FerMuBe was also “exposed” by the Times hit piece.

FerMuBe is the other Youtuber attacked in the hit piece. FerMuBe is an English Teacher / Podcaster / Youtuber. He gives an interesting perspective of China as he Originates from Colombia.

Why the West doesn’t like to hear positive news about China.

After the Coronavirus was first reported in China, the world witnessed many forms of racism and xenophobia towards China and people of Asian descent. China was attacked after having reported the first case, and then it was attacked for not disclosing it sooner even though Government science officials were still investigating the new virus. When China went into a full lockdown to stop the virus, Westerners called it extreme and an example of government authoritarian rule.

Today, China has few new reports of Coronavirus infections and is in a much better situation economically. So much so that it is expected to surpass the U.S economically years before previously anticipated.

Western governments have a pure self-interest to showcase China negative light, for fear the population might hold their own governments accountable for the dismal response to a deadly virus.

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