YouTubers React To Attacks Against Asians

Tim Chantarangsu made a video a while back about the anti asian hate crimes that have become endemic in the U.S.

Today the video is still very relevant, considering all the Asian hate crimes in the U.S continue unabated even after the new administration toned down inflammatory “China virus” rhetoric that was prevalent during the Trump administration and continues to be pushed by anti china youtubers.

Youtubers and twitter talking about hate crimes against asians in America.

If your youtube channel dehumanizes and attacks an Asian country relentlessly, do you share responsibility for hate crimes?

Winston Frederick Sterzel, also known by his YouTube pseudonym SerpentZA tweeted he was against Asian hate, even though he has been pushing the same racist Trump rhetoric that has helped to fuel the anti-Asian hate in America.

SerpentZA/ADVChina/laowhy86. How they promote racism and discrimination. from r/aznidentity

Youtuber Xiran Jay Zhao talks anti Asian hate

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