Ziv Glikman

Ziv Glikman
Ziv Glikman

Ziv Glikman is a China based YouTuber, PodCaster, Business owner, Expat living in China. Founder of HERE! Media & Marketing @heredongguan | Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director.

Ziv Glikman along with fellow host Fernando have a China-centered podcast named OfCourseChina showcasing business in CHina and stories from those that have thrived by setting up business in China.

Ziv Glikman on Youtube

For Ricky, being a #gay expat in #China is better than anywhere else. Watch the full podcast, ou latest episode, here https://youtu.be/UuF7epqMJ40 #LGBTQ #gaychina #loveislove

China has been giving #humanitarian visas to foreigners in the past year. But now more and more people are being refused their monthly renewals. WATCH my talk about the situation and possible solutions. #china #visa https://youtu.be/YttGhm3EeA4

Over 10 million students in #China are taking the #Gaokao this week. It’s the most important exam in a #Chinese student’s life. This Dad in Sichuan shared “Doesn’t matter how your exam goes, your mom and dad will love you!” Amazing to see Chinese society evolve, well done 👏

"In the last 100 year, what we've been doing is telling the truth about ourselves but getting it wrong about each other.” #bringbackhope

There are many Jews and Israelis who do NOT support this war. Empower them. Don’t tweet blanket statements against Jews or Israelis. The same way there should never be statements saying all Arabs are terrorists. Don’t let this get out of hand. #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

We are people before we are anything else. We are humans first. We are Jews, Muslims and Christians second. How much politicians really want peace?? Stop brainwashing people, on both sides!

Before you write some stupid shit about Israel and Palestine, learn the history of the conflict. It’s way more complicated than you think. Or just shut up. In a nutshell? The crooked politicians are to blame. People just want peace and quiet.

Raising mixed race kids is a challenge for the parents, but for the kids, the future is full of possibilities. Follow the link to WATCH my interview with Jason, an American dad in China whose child is learning 4 languages! https://youtu.be/AYewKehYE2Y #parenting

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